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Prolam has PuR solution for trailer floors

Prolam recently introduced a new hot-melt polyurethane reactive (PuR) coating for the underside of laminated trailer floors that eliminates the challenges of traditional water-based paint coatings. The undercoating, called P•u•R, has superior moisture resistance and outperforms traditional water-based coatings.

In climates with extreme weather conditions, water-based paint systems currently used to protect the underside of trailer floors can break down when subjected to intense water spray and road debris. Specific areas, such as trailer wheel locations, are more prone to this degradation. Once water-based paint breaks down, the wood absorbs moisture, causing warping, swelling, and deterioration of glue bonds.

P•u•R surpasses water-based coatings in industry standardized tests for elongation, abrasion, adhesion, and water absorption. It can be applied to the underside of laminated trailer floors in several possible configurations.

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