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Product Focus: Pickup Acessories

Top Spin enhances Ford Super Duty

Owners of 2007 Ford Super Duty truck can outfit their heavy-duty workhorse with a Top Spin tonneau cover from Downey Products.

The customized, top-mount rollup system uses low-profile rails, which are rounded and contoured to the shape of the pickup bed for an original-equipment appearance. Rails, constructed from black anodized aluminum, are securely positioned to the bed by top-drive clamps.

To ensure that gear is properly protected, the Top Spin features a tear-proof, UV-coated, tri-laminate fabric cover, which resists stretching and shrinking in extreme weather conditions.

Even if it is cut, the cover will not tear. It is fastened with a Velcro fabric system and locked into placed by a spring-loaded auto latch. The latch is easily disengaged by a pull cord on the cover's underside.

Top Spin is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Downey. The cover ships fully assembled to make installation (and operation) a one-person process.

For more information, phone 800-736-1610.

Cap'n Patch kits can repair tonneau covers

TCT Products is introducing the first of several different repair kits under the Cap'n Patch label.

The Cap'n Patch tonneau cover repair kit is filled with all that's needed to quickly and easily repair cuts, rips, burns, and tears to most soft tonneau covers. Inside each repair kit are several styles of patches as well as a tube of vinyl adhesive and alcohol cleaning pads. Several methods of repair are outlined in an instruction sheet. The contents of each Cap'n Patch tonneau cover repair kit are packaged in a clear vinyl tube that is suitable for shipping.

The Cap'n Patch tonneau cover repair kit can also be used to repair many other vinyl and canvas materials such as seat covers, tarps, and vinyl vehicle tops.

Access for more details.

VMAC has underhood air compressor designed for 2008 Ford Power Stroke

After months of design, VMAC has released the VR140 Underhood air compressor for the 2008 Ford Power Stroke V-8 diesel F250-F550 truck. The development represents a small milestone for the Canadian-based manufacturer, which recently released a 70-cfm Underhood air compressor system for the Power Stroke, despite industry critics.

“FEAD (Front End Auxiliary Drive) manufacturers got their first look at the 2008 Power Stroke at a measuring session in Detroit last year, and most were convinced no belt-driven air compressor was fitting that truck,” said Tod Gilbert, lead engineer for VMAC Underhood Division. “Engine components were cramped, the engine bay tight, and unlike the 6.0L, this truck left little room for added components.”

The VR70 , certified at delivering up to 70 cfm and 175 psi of air output, paled in size to the VR140, which provides more than double the air power. The VMAC VR140 for the 2008 Power Stroke weighs approximately 200 pounds.

Lightweight underhood-mounted air compressors maximize payload capacity and deck space on the work truck, allowing contractors and fleet managers to save space for tools and equipment required onsite.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Landslide broadens pickup's possibilities

Turn a pickup truck into a utility vehicle. Save time and increase productivity with the Landslide Dump Insert from Avalanche. The user can haul, dump, and convey almost any landscape material. Soil, screening, gravel, sand, salt, wood chips, bark nuggets, and peat moss are no problem for the Landslide, and material can be moved exactly where one wants it. Remote controls let the insert be managed from inside and outside the cab.

The Landslide is equipped with a remote control with 20-foot cable and wiring kit. Hydraulic lifting is powered by a vehicle's 12-volt DC system. Options include:

  • Tailgate salt spreader with variable-speed remote control. A stainless steel shell comes as standard equipment along with a self-leveling spinner and agitator for continuous flow.

  • Cab protector. This bolt-on cab protector has openings for rear visibility. It's available in carbon steel and stainless steel.

  • Tarp roller kit. Manual roll tarp prevents material from blowing out of the insert.

The Landslide comes with a two-year warranty. Access for more information.

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