Product Focus: Hydraulic Systems & Controls

Heil Environmental introduces the PowerTrak Commercial Plus high-compaction tag axle rear loader. It lets haulers maximize productivity by carrying the largest legal loads — leveraging its compaction of up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard — in areas with strict weight restrictions.

The PowerTrak Commercial Plus incorporates many of the features of the standard Heil PowerTrak Commercial, such as the cylinders and packer blade, plus a tag axle and other enhancements. The heart of this commercial-grade refuse collection vehicle is its patented dual-track packing system, which reduces friction, improves cycle times, and increases the pressure exerted directly into the load, for greater payload density with less wear and superior weight distribution.

The PowerTrak Commercial Plus has a single tag axle and is available with an optional pusher axle. Heil's design mounts the tag axle to the chassis frame rail. This approach makes the vehicle more structurally sound and durable than integrating the tag axle into the tailgate. Because all the wheels stay on the ground when the tailgate is lifted, further stresses on the tag axle, tailgate, and hydraulic system are eliminated. An integrated steel guard with rubber deflector protects the tag axle during load discharge.

The design also enables the PowerTrak Commercial Plus to maintain the same 3.64-cubic-yard hopper as the standard PowerTrak Commercial. Rear loaders that integrate the tag axle into the tailgate may sacrifice up to nearly 50 percent of their hopper volume. Cart tippers can be added for semi-automated residential collection. A new latch kit design with deeper pockets allows containers to dump further into the hopper. Oversize cast alloy ejector shoes can be replaced without removing the ejector panel. Plus, they're reversible, providing twice the life as ordinary shoes. Hydraulic tubes are routed inside rear bolsters for added protection, yet are readily accessible for maintenance.

Body sidewalls have no welded seams to crack or rust. It's constructed on Heil's exclusive fully welded interlaced subframe for superior resistance to salt and corrosion. Heil uses 150,000-psi high-tensile steel in places subject to the greatest stress and wear. The PowerTrak Commercial Plus is available in 25, 27, and 32-cu.-yd. body sizes.

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