Powerbrace Corporation overhauls its web site

Powerbrace Corp has completely redesigned its web site at www.powerbrace.com to meet current and future industry needs. The new site gives visitors several distinct ways of finding the product information they seek. Site visitors now have the option of choosing a product category link from the product menu bar or simply clicking on an application icon.

A new “Closeout Specials” section has been added that links to a page containing overstocked products being sold at reduced prices.

The Powerbrace product catalog is available for downloading, or a hard copy can be requested by using an automatic e-mail form. A new “Media Room” section contains the latest publicized reports about Powerbrace and its products.

The redesigned site provides directions on “How to Measure” and “How to Order” lockrods. Photos of cams and keepers are provided to help identify lockrod models along with a model selection chart.

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