PayStar 5900 Set-Back Axle available with 10-inch frame rails

To Meet the needs of vocational truck customers looking for a lighter-weight and more nimble truck chassis, the International PayStar 5900 Set-Back Axle will now be available with 10-inch frame rails. The truck was on display February 2-5 during the 2009 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While the more traditional 12.25-inch frame rails will remain a standard option for the PayStar, smaller and lighter-weight 10.25-inch frame rails will provide customers and truck equipment manufacturers with additional flexibility for a variety of customized on- and off-highway severe-service applications.

“We're always listening to our customers to deliver the products and options they need,” said Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice-president, North American sales operations. “Offering a lighter-weight, smaller frame rail option gives our customers the flexibility they require while maximizing payload.”

The smaller, lighter frame rail option will provide a distinct advantage for vocational tractor customers looking to take advantage of standardized trailer heights in straight dump, dump trailer, and combination truck-trailer applications. In addition, for states with highly sensitive weight restrictions, the 10.25-inch frame rails could reduce total vehicle weight by as much as 90 pounds, providing customers with additional payload capacity, with a direct impact on the bottom line.

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