Palfinger Group takes control of AWE

The Palfinger Group is pursuing its continuous expansion of its operations in the United States by taking over the US company Automated Waste Equipment Inc (AWE).

Headquartered in New Jersey, this producer of container-handling systems has its strongest presence in the Northeast, and holds a market share of up to 70% in some states. It is the second-largest manufacturer of cable hoists in the United States. In the past few years, the US economic downturn has led to significant market consolidation.

Palfinger is using this opportunity to continue its growth.

“For us, this acquisition is a further step in our strategy pursued in the United States, namely to strengthen local production and gain additional market share,” said Herbert Ortner, chief executive officer of Palfinger AG. “It gives us access to a product range that is in line with the needs of American customers in this segment.”

In America, cable hoists are the most commonly used systems. In contrast to hook lifts, which are customarily used in Europe, these container-handling systems use a cable system that moves the containers. AWE produces and distributes both systems, which makes it an excellent supplement to the technologically more advanced Palfinger Palift portfolio.

Moreover, Palfinger will gain access to a customer base in various relevant industries. At the same time Palfinger's dealer network offers significant potential for AWE products, which now only have a limited geographical reach.

With a staff of almost 40, AWE generated revenues of approximately $13 million in 2008.

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