Paccar Parts Honors 2009 Suppliers Of The Year

Bergstrom and Illinois Auto Truck Co. (IATCO) have been named the 2009 suppliers of the year by Paccar Parts. Bergstrom makes idle reduction power systems, IATCO produces HVAC products and clutches.

The suppliers were recognized for their operational efficiency, part availability, service to customers and dealers and timely delivery of parts and equipment, according to the company.

“Both Bergstrom and IATCO have done an outstanding job in supplying dealers with the parts they need to provide our customers with the outstanding support they expect from PACCAR’s dealers,” said Darrin Siver, Paccar Parts gm and Paccar vp. “Both companies work hard to keep our distribution centers and dealers well stocked with high-demand items.

IATCO was also the 2004 Supplier of the Year Award.

“I’m thrilled about winning this award because Paccar Parts has such high expectations of its vendors,” Jack Shaffer, president and COO for Bergstrom, said. “This award reflects the hard work and sense of cooperation and teamwork among the employees at both companies and at PACCAR Parts dealerships. If we didn’t have that shared sense of purpose of serving our customers, I don’t think we would have won this prestigious recognition.”

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