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The OX tarp system lives up to its name

Donovan Enterprises is introducing its new automatic tarp system for rolloffs — The OX. With 3/16“-wall steel arms, The OX is as strong or stronger than other rolloff tarp systems, according to Donovan.

The OX operates from the truck's hydraulic system, and all valving is included in each kit. Using two manual control levers, the operator can adjust the tarp for all container sizes. One control rotates the pivot arms, and the other adjusts the pivot point location of the arms. A third control valve is included with optional telescoping gantry.

Two features of every OX tarp system are the Donovan “Safe Adjust” roller spring tensioner and the Mighty Mesh tarp. The tensioner allows owners to add and remove spring tension safely from the tarp roller. Donovan claims Mighty Mesh lasts two to three times longer than other mesh fabrics.

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