Online weight savings calculator launched

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems announces the launch of an online weight savings calculator to estimate the value of weight savings. The company recently updated its website, launching an easy-to-use, online tool for calculating potential payload revenue increase and fuel-cost savings opportunities with Hendrickson's lightweight suspensions, lift axles, and bumper and trim components.

Within minutes, fleets and owner operators can estimate potential value to their bottom line for spec'ing components that are lightweight. The tool utilizes calculations that estimate the effect that overall weight savings may have on payload increase and fuel efficiency improvement.

To calculate the potential value of weight savings, users can simply click the “Load sample data” button and edit the sample values to more closely match their own fleet operating data, or they can directly enter their operating data into the available fields. The potential increased payload revenue and fuel savings per truck and per fleet are automatically calculated and displayed in the results boxes on the screen as the operating data is entered or modified.

The calculator is ideal for “what if” scenarios, fleet planning, potential fuel-cost impact, or other such weight-critical hauling analyses. Visit to begin taking advantage of this tool.

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