New Advice for Fleets

From Fleet Owner

The transportation consultant Trincon Group says it has created a new three-part program to help fleets successfully navigate growth in their business.

The program starts with advice on how fleets can assemble the resources needed to make the transition to expanded operations, including how to define a fleet’s strengths and weaknesses, how to attract quality talent and how to properly train management for focus on “ingredients of profit,” according to the group.

The second element of the program is specialized services to help a fleet improve driver retention, analyze profitability and improve business development. The final component in the program is access to Trincon’s resource center, which offers fleet executives white papers and manuals, as well as access to Webinars and seminars on fleet management and profitability. The resource center also provides tests and questionnaires to help fleet owners evaluate specific areas of their operations.

In addition to the new fleet development program, Trincon said it has redesigned its web site ( to provide easier access to its library of research material.

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