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Meritor adds bearings, seals for Dana axles

Meritor recently added 20 bearing and seal kits, and 70 individual bearings covering popular Meritor and Dana axles for customers requiring cost-effective, high-quality aftermarket parts engineered to exacting specifications.

This comprehensive offering covers a significant portion of drive axle carrier assemblies serviced in the North America aftermarket.

"These Meritor bearing and seal kits are a continuation in a series of products we'll launch this year to provide our rebuilder and warehouse distributor customers with very high-quality drive axle components at aftermarket prices," said Krishna Natarajan, senior director of product management for Meritor.

The bearings are manufactured in Europe with high-quality steel for strength and toughness and optimized for balanced load distribution and higher load capacity. Tighter tolerance on bearing width reduces variations and the time required to rebuild carrier assemblies, improving the productivity of rebuilders.

"World-class manufacturing processes and controls help us to deliver a very high-performance product," Natarajan said.

"The premium-quality seals offer high reliability and long life."


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