Magnetic separator extracts unwanted material from steel shot for blast machine

The Wheelabrator low-profile separator features a magnetic separation system incorporated into an air-wash separator. It is designed to magnetically separate steel shot from sand or ferrous from non-ferrous material via its magnetic rotating drum, followed by the removal of fine waste material by the air-wash system.

Unlike a standard air-wash unit, this process ensures the consistent removal of sand from the steel shot even under extremely heavy sand loads. Addition of a magnetic separator to a company's blast system can increase the overall wear life of certain blast equipment component parts.

Sand and abrasive (metallic) discharges from the elevator of a blast machine into the upper screw. This feeds a rotary screen where trash and other oversized particles are removed. The sand and ferrous abrasive mix passes through the rotary screen, where it is metered onto the top of the magnetic drum. The ferrous abrasive is held against the drum to be released at the proper location while the sand is allowed to flow directly into a discharge hopper to a disposable container or transporter for reuse. The released ferrous abrasive mixture is directed to the air-wash system for removal of fines and reuse of the clean abrasive.

The main advantages of this magnetic separation process include (1) reduced blast cycle times, (2) increased life of replacement wear parts, (3) reduced equipment maintenance costs, and (4) reduced overall abrasive consumption.

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