Kidron, Azure Dynamics Combine On Hybrid Refrigeration

Azure Dynamics Corporation (TSX: AZD & LSE: ADC) announced today it has received sixteen orders for its Low Emission Electric Power (LEEP Freeze) system, an integral part of Kidron's UltraTemp cold plate transport refrigeration solution. This most recent order is from a major California-based produce provider.

"We are pleased that Azure's and Kidron's unique hybrid refrigeration product is being recognized as a leading technology and demonstrates the diverse opportunities for our clean, efficient system in the produce application. We look forward to additional market penetration as this new technology continues to gain widespread acceptance," said Scott Harrison, Azure's Chief Executive Officer.

The LEEP Freeze system draws energy in an efficient manner from a vehicle's primary engine during normal driving and delivers it to the UltraTemp cold plate technology system, which allows the cold plates to stay cold for the duration of a typical multi-stop delivery route. The system can also be plugged into the electrical grid for off-duty charging. UltraTemp with LEEP Freeze can save up to a gallon of fuel per hour, maintains set-point temperatures even when the engine is off, and offers quiet operation and significantly reduced emissions.

"We are actively marketing the UltraTemp with LEEP Freeze," said John Sommer, Jr, Kidron's Sales and Marketing Manager. "Unlike other refrigeration technologies that can unexpectedly shut down, this cold plate technology can maintain cold temperatures even if the vehicle itself malfunctions. You don't need to be a produce industry insider to know that the name of the game is to move fresh produce from the farm to the market with as much speed and predictability as possible. Our system does that better than any other solution while also reducing operational expenses associated with fuel and maintenance."

Customers also cite the environmental benefits of UltraTemp with LEEP Freeze as primary motivators in their purchase decision. The technology specified in the recent order can reduce CO2 emissions by over 26,000 pounds annually compared to an engine-driven mechanical refrigerating system.

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