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Grote lamps gain surface-mount bracket

Grote Industries recently announced the release of a new surface-mount bracket with an on-off switch for its LED WhiteLight interior dome lamps. The new bracket is specifically designed to provide flexibility and convenience to emergency and military vehicle operators.

The firm manufactures several LED WhiteLight interior dome lamps, white, red/white, and blue/white configurations. The lamps provide bright LED illumination for more than 50,000 hours of operation and have a low surface temperature, which is critical when working in small, enclosed spaces.

The new surface-mount bracket, which can be engineered into new vehicles or retrofitted into existing vehicles, has a switch that enables the operator to turn the lamp on and off directly at the source of the light, instead of from the dashboard or other remote locations. Lamp-based on-off command is particularly helpful in emergency situations when enhanced lamp control is critical.

Interior dome lamps have long been used in military applications, and are battle-hardened and sturdy. These lamps offer dual operating modes: standard WhiteLight illumination mode, and tactical or blackout mode, which uses a combination of red/white or blue/white color to allow soldiers to see while avoiding detection.

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