Full Flange System simplifies attachment

The new Full Flange System from Parker Hannifin Corporation makes Code 61 and Code 62 hydraulic connections faster and easier to assemble, thanks to a patent-pending design that enables the flange to be attached to a hose after the fitting has been crimped on.

The Full Flange System gives end-users the ability to route hoses through tight spaces where assemblies with the flange end already attached would not fit. It can also be used repeatedly because — unlike captive flanges — the flange is not permanently locked on the fitting.

Reduced inventory is another key benefit of the new Full Flange System. Previously, two or three fittings were required for each different flange connection. Now a single, newly designed fitting — compatible with a Code 61 or Code 62 flange kit — is available. This eliminates one or two fittings for each port/hose size combination in stock. A wide selection of fittings is available, and more sizes will be added soon.

Parker's full flange kits include a seal, retaining ring, flange and four Grade 8 socket head cap screws. All Full Flange Code 61 flanges are rated up to 5,000 lbs. maximum working pressure, and all Full Flange Code 62 flanges are rated up to 6,000 lbs. The Code 61 and Code 62 flanges meet SAE J1518 dimensional standards. The new one-piece flange connections are easily used with Parker's Parkrimp system.

Customers can order flange kits individually from Parker or can receive complete assemblies, including the crimped hose/fitting and attached full flange, if they prefer.

For a copy of Bulletin 4480-B145 featuring Parker's new Full Flange System for Code 61 and Code 62 connections, phone 800-C-PARKER or view it at www.parkerhose.com.
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