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Flink Acquires Stands Alone Automatic Stand Systems

Flink Company has acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights for patented Stands Alone automatic stand systems.

The Stands Alone automatic stand system allows easier and faster loading and unloading of truck equipment such as salt spreaders, liquid tanks and crack filler tanks. Stands Alone also provides improved safety for storage and maintenance of equipment. Dump fleet versatility can be vastly improved due to the ease of installing or removing equipment from dump truck beds. Post operation clean up becomes easier with the use of Stands Alone products.

Stands Alone main frame components are fabricated exclusively from steel structural tube. Stringers and supports are fabricated from structural steel tube and channel. For additional strength and durability, Stands Alone stands are welded by certified welders to a NWS D1.1 standard and a powder coat finish is applied before shipment.

Stands Alone stands are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes and can be retrofitted to all brands of salt spreaders and many other types of truck equipment.

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