Firefly deploys Oasis battery prototypes

Firefly Energy has begun deploying the first prototypes of its Oasis deep-discharge advanced battery to some of the nation's top trucking fleets.

The Oasis Group 31 battery was expressly designed to provide superior sustainable capacity by consistently delivering long run times at consistent throughput levels over a longer number of discharge cycles. This performance aids applications that require repetitive deep discharges of a battery — most notably the “key-off” power required for supporting truckers' overnight “hotel loads.”

Bergstrom Inc will co-market the Oasis battery to ensure that its customers enjoy the longer run times and increased duty cycle of the comfort-support application.

Firefly has achieved performance gains by removing portions of the lead metal used in traditional lead acid batteries and replacing it with a microcell composite material that enhances the chemical performance in the battery while resisting degradation. Batteries using Firefly's technology are recyclable through the existing industry infrastructure.

The first four Oasis batteries were installed recently on a Freightliner truck operated by G&D Integrated of Morton IL. Firefly personnel were on hand to assist with the installation of the batteries, as well as the onboard data acquisition system that will permit real-time monitoring of the batteries' performance throughout the test period on this and all upcoming fleet-test installations. Additional deployments of Oasis prototypes to other industries also have commenced.

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