Extend-A-Haul wins big in Las Vegas

The Extend-A-Haul recently won two awards at the recent Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas NV: SEMA-Global Media Awards, first place, New Product of the Year; and runner-up for overall New Product of The Year.

Extend-A-Haul is an aluminum truck bed extender that doubles as a ramp for all-terrain vehicles, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and golf carts. It also allows truck owners to carry building materials too long to carry in the bed of a truck by extending the length of the bed.

The firm plans to add several different models including one that extends the bed of utility vehicles, similar to John Deere's Gator. Accessories for the truck model include a stand for a motorcycle, a portable conversion kit, and tiedowns.

The Extend-A-Haul can be purchased by calling 1-877-848-2125 or at www.extendahaul.com. Local pick-up at the manufacturing facility can be arranged to avoid shipping costs.

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