EPA recommends CentriFuse brake drums

Motor Wheel Commercial Vehicle Systems Inc., a Precision Partners Inc. company, announced that its CentriFuse Lightweight Brake Drums have been recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide weight savings, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for commercial vehicles.

According to the EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality report, every 10 percent drop in truck weight reduces fuel use between 5 and 10 percent. The EPA report also suggests that when specifying new trucks, trucking fleets should consider the lightest-weight components that will suit the application.

Weighing 90 pounds, CentriFuse Lightweight Brake Drums can save nearly 100 pounds per tractor compared with standard brake drums. Combine that with trailer brake drum weight savings, and fleets can save up to 224 pounds per tractor/trailer combination. For even greater weight savings and fuel economy, fleets can specify CentriFuse Lite, which weighs 84 pounds per drum.

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