Dorsey makes Bendix products standard

The continued emphasis by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems toward its trailer product offerings has garnered a long-term agreement with Dorsey Trailer.

Dorsey, an industry pioneer established in 1911, has made the Bendix TABS-6 trailer antilock braking system product and SR-5 spring brake relay valve standard on all of its trailers.

The TABS-6 system is a high-performance trailer ABS technology specifically designed for a broad range of trailer types and applications. It is compatible with a variety of trailer axle configurations, as well as having few electrical connectors.

The SR-5 spring brake relay valves provide superior performance under extreme conditions. The valve's design also enables it to perform when common air-line contaminants are found in the trailer system. Its anti-compounding feature provides increased robustness and improved failure detection by audibly exhausting air through the tractor protection valve at the back of the cab. The heavy-duty aluminum die-cast body withstands rigorous vibration and corrosive trailer environments.

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