DocuDent Kit a vital witness in an accident

DocuDent USA announces the debut of its revamped flagship product, the DocuDent Accident Documentation Kit. The kit relaunches with a sporty new design and updated features including a powerful LED flashlight with built-in tape measure and a package of adhesive bandages. The DocuDent Kit allows drivers to record exactly what transpires during a car accident and thus serves as an important, convenient resource for drivers, police, the DMV, and insurance companies.

Developed by Eytan Dovan, the DocuDent Kit is easily stored in a glove compartment and includes these safety tools even responsible drivers infrequently have on hand: a reloadable camera with flash, accident documentation instructions, accident information form, adhesive bandages, a pen, a whistle, and a LED flashlight with a built-in tape measure.

Visit to learn more or to order.

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