Design Guide covers Lumex LEDs, LCDs

Lumex is offering its new 368-page LED and LCD Design Guide. This reference manual presents design and technical information from all of the firm's major product families. Products range from discrete LEDs through LED and LCDs, plus gas-tube surge protectors. Each device has electro-optical and mechanical specifications along with suggested uses.

A highlight of the guide is coverage of Lumex's new high-power, high-intensity LED systems. These include the High Power LED trio, LuxLEDs, SuperFluxLEDs, and the high-intensity 1-watt AstraLEDs. These products use chip chemistries to allow a range of colors and intensities.

The guide documents all of the company's LED-based products. Included are LCD panels (glass only, with no driver circuitry) and LCD character and graphic modules with built-in drivers. Modules are available with backlights. In addition, the guide covers Lumex Gas Tube Surge Arrestor components, for overvoltage protection of solid-state circuits.

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