Dana Announces Availability of SmartWave to Commercial Vehicle AfterMarket

SmarTire Systems Inc. announced today that Dana Corporation, its marketing partner for the commercial vehicle market in North America, Australia and New Zealand, will be supplying the company's SmartWave products to commercial fleet customers through various truck manufacturers' dealer networks in North America. Dana previously announced the availability of SmartWave TPMS tire pressure monitoring systems on May 9, .

"This is a significant development for the company as it dramatically improves our ability to penetrate the expansive North American commercial vehicle after-market. Fleet customers now have access to our products through top quality distribution channels," said Dave Warkentin, President and CEO of SmarTire.

"SmartWave TPMS represents a technological advance in the trucking industry that allows fleets to save money by reducing operating costs, and we at Dana are proud to supply it," said Jon Intagliata, product manager for Dana.

SmartWave TPMS active tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems provide fuel and tire cost savings for commercial fleet owners by enabling them to efficiently maintain top tire performance. SmartWave TPMS may be installed on any existing truck and displays each tire's temperature and pressure deviation. If the system detects a loss of air pressure or abnormally high tire temperature, a warning light automatically alerts the driver to the condition. The system reduces tire failures which in turn reduces roadside downtime and increases driver safety.

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