Cummins Announces Second Stock Split in 2007

The Cummins Board of Directors today declared a two-for-one split of Cummins Inc. common stock, payable Jan. 2 to shareholders of record as of Dec. 21, 2007. This is the company’s second stock split in 2007, following a two-for-one split in April.

As a result of the stock split, each Cummins' shareholder will receive one additional share of stock for each share owned on the record date. Since there will be twice as many shares after the split, each share will be worth half of what it was worth immediately prior to the split. The overall value of a stockholder's investment remains the same.

The total amount of cash dividend payments with respect to the shares will remain unchanged as a result of the split, but the dividend will be proportionately adjusted to half the pre-split amount on a per-share basis.

"2007 has been one of the best years in Cummins’ history, reflecting our diversified portfolio of businesses and our growing market share around the world,” said Tim Solso, Cummins Chairman and CEO. "This second stock split in 2007 is yet another sign of our confidence in the company’s operating performance and its ability to grow profitably in the future.”

Today, the Board also authorized the company to repurchase another $500 million in shares of Cummins stock. Over the last 25 months, the Company has repurchased approximately six million shares at a total cost of $500 million.

“We are sharing our growing value with shareholders, not just through our share price appreciation, which has shown a compound annual growth rate of approximately 50 percent over the last four years, but also through our stock repurchase plans and sustainable and growing dividends,” Solso said.

Year-to-date Cummins stock price has more than doubled. The company’s dividend has increased nearly 67 percent since the summer of 2006.

Cummins had approximately 102 million shares of common stock outstanding as of September 30, 2007. Upon completion of the split, the company will have approximately 204 million shares of common stock outstanding.

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