China Yuchai introduces hybrid ISG engine

China Yuchai International Ltd, a leading manufacturer and distributor of diesel engines in China, has announced its latest R&D innovation: a hybrid ISG engine specifically designed for urban transportation buses, and exhibited at the recent China-ASEAN Expo.

The hybrid engine is becoming a general trend for global automotive engine design and technology advancement. In response to generally low speeds, heavy loading, and frequent stops in Chinese urban transportation markets, Yuchai has developed China's first hybrid engine system based on single-axle parallel ISG technology.

This new technology consists of an electrically controlled diesel engine, four-quadrant motor and control system, power source management system, high-power safety system, power-train control system, and vehicle communication system. The entire system is self-developed with intellectual property (IP)-protected technology. The hybrid engine research program was initiated by the Yuchai Institute of Engineering and China Jiaotong University jointly in early 2005.

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