Catalog details Hannay lubrication hose reels

Hannay Reels Inc presents a catalog that provides information and updated specifications on its most popular lubrication hose reels. The full-color catalog includes reels used in applications, such as fuel, lube, and antifreeze; off-road lubrication; washdown and spray operations; construction; air compressors; and pneumatic and hydraulic tooling.

Featured in the catalog are lightweight lubrication reels for bench and shop uses, narrow-frame reels for limited space and multiple reel installations, heavy-duty channel frame model reels, and reels for larger hose diameters. Reels come with spring, manual, or power rewind options.

For a copy of the catalog, contact Hannay Reels, 553 State Route 143, Westerlo NY 12193-0159; phone 877-GO-REELS; fax 800-REELING.

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