Buffers USA's new Absorgel Blanket can replace multiple desiccant pouches

Buffers USA has introduced Absorgel Blanket, a desiccant design that provides moisture control in tightly packed dry box marine containers that have no room between the cargo and side walls to hang desiccant products from panel loops. It is also ideal for trailers and reefer units with no wall loops. The blanket measures 24 by 59 inches with an effective absorption area of 24 × 48 inches.

John Hove, president of Buffers USA, said, “The real benefit of this blanket design is its low-profile height. Shippers can now load more cargo in a container and only have to leave a small space between the top of the load and the ceiling to get effective moisture control. The large surface area of the Absorgel Blanket ensures fast-acting and substantial moisture absorption during voyages lasting up to 40 days.”

According to Buffers, in a fully loaded 20-foot container, two or three Absorgel Blankets can do the work of 30 to 60 traditional desiccant pouches (120-200 grams). In a 40-ft container, five or six Blankets can replace 60 to 120 pouches.

Absorgel Blankets can be used with all types of dry or moist cargo in the form of bulk or packaged goods. The main absorbent material is calcium chloride with starch and gelling agents that hold moisture in non-liquid brine form. The Absorgel Blanket is made from non-woven polypropylene, and all material used in the blanket is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Visit www.buffersusa.com for complete details.
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