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Air brake training program is interactive

Freinmeister Group Inc has been chosen as the agent to market the Air Brake Interactive CE Level 1 training program to fleet transportation companies and community colleges in the United States and Canada.

In this new multi-media program, normally invisible functions of all major air-brake system components are made visible and easily understood. This is achieved by creative use of cross-sectional drawings and colors, in 73 static illustrations and 33 detailed, voice-narrated technical animations.

The 12 modules of the Air Brake Interactive CE Level 1 training program are designed to be used by qualified air-brake instructors. This CD-ROM package, which contains the presentation visuals and animations, is accompanied by a Instructor Reference and Presentation Guide.

The Air Brake Interactive program was developed by Bryan Duross of Duross, Suchay & Associates Ltd, and Technical Training Services, a technical and safety training development and implementation company founded in 1985.

E-mail Ron or Bob Gervais at [email protected] for complete details.

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