Wabash Unveils Dry Freight Van Rated at 35,000 pounds

Wabash National introduced the industry’s first dry freight van with a 35,000-pound floor rating—the DuraPlate XD-35, which allows cargo typically hauled on a flatbed trailer to be transported in a dry van.

“DuraPlate XD-35 revolutionizes transportation and logistics operations by increasing freight load capacities well beyond those of traditional dry freight vans that only handle 18,000-20,000 pounds,” said Robert Lane, director, new business development for Wabash National transportation products. “For example, now steel coil can be hauled in a dry freight van. Plus, carriers can move both inbound raw material and outbound finished product in the same piece of equipment – improving equipment utilization and reducing dead-head miles.”

The concept for DuraPlate XD-35 was initially developed by Wabash National for Nussbaum Transportation, a national truckload carrier and logistics provider headquartered in Normal, Ill. Today Nussbaum continues to utilize 30 DuraPlate XD-35 vans that have been part of its fleet for over a year.

“Using this trailer as a round-trip dedicated solution provides more predictable shipping costs, a very important selling point for customers,” said Brent Nussbaum, CEO, Nussbaum.

With DuraPlate XD-35, metal coils and other extreme duty freight can be loaded and unloaded at the dock door, which enhances efficiency and safety on the dock, and eliminates delays due to crane availability and inclement weather. DuraPlate XD-35 also saves time by removing the need to tarp and untarp. Additionally, the enclosed van protects cargo from damage and theft, reducing freight claims.

"Leading carriers and shippers face challenges today that will not be met by yesterday’s equipment. They demand proven performance to offset increasing fuel costs, and improve driver and operational efficiency to ultimately enhance profitability," said Dick Giromini, president and chief executive officer, Wabash National Corporation. “Launching new innovations like DuraPlate XD-35 demonstrates our continued commitment to respond to evolving customer needs and to move the industry forward.”

For more information about DuraPlate XD-35, go to www.duraplatexd-35.com.

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