Wabash National announces layoffs

Wabash National Corporation's Lafayette IN manufacturing operations will commence an extended holiday shutdown for the period December 22, 2008 through January 5, 2009, at which time certain operations will be restarted. Current plans call for the return of all but 800 employees during the period Jan. 12 through Feb. 3, 2009, with the balance expected to return to their jobs during the second quarter.

“We continue to adjust staffing levels and costs throughout our business to match current demand levels so that we can successfully navigate one of the most challenging economic periods in our history,” said Dick Giromini, president and chief executive officer for Wabash National. “While we have fared better than most in our industry as evidenced by our market share gains, the majority of current orders due for delivery in 2008 are nearing completion and we are entering the traditionally slow first quarter, impacted even more so this year as a result of the continued challenges in our economy.

“We are sensitive to the impact that this action has on our associates, and we remain hopeful that all associates will be returned to their jobs by the late spring,” said Giromini. “This is a very difficult time, but we are striving to make the right choices to counteract the cyclicality of our business.”

In November, plant meetings were held with all associates to communicate the forecasted conditions. Follow-up meetings are being held to update associates on the current operations plan and how it would impact them specifically.

Officials from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development have been on-site to provide assistance to affected employees.

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