Talbert Releases 50-Ton Traveling Axle Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing has introduced its 50-Ton 5051 Traveling Axle trailer for customers who need to comply with 43-foot kingpin laws and regulations.

Kingpin laws vary state to state but generally apply to any trailer longer than 48 feet and less than 53 feet. These regulations typically dictate the maximum distance from the kingpin to the last axle must measure 43 feet or less. Adding to its series of traveling axle trailers, Talbert pushed the deck length to the limit, designing a 51-foot traveling axle trailer to maximize the lower deck length and still meet the 43-foot kingpin law.

Talbert’s TA Series trailers are known for their six-degree load angle. This gradual slope is ideal for the towing and recovery industry, as well as rental equipment and small to midsize construction equipment with low ground clearances, such as rollers and pavers.

The 5051TA is loaded with more standard features than other conventional units in a base model, and it still delivers cost-effective versatility in a variety of applications. For example, many other manufacturers commonly use worm gear winches to cut extra expense. The 15,000-pound planetary winch, which comes standard on all trailers in Talbert’s 50-Ton TA Series, provides customers with a more efficient winch. The planetary winch uses a direct-drive system and offers up to twice the loading speed of the worm gear winch. Operators can run Talbert’s planetary winch through a multi-function wireless remote, which allows one person to load a piece of equipment without leaving the trailer. This is ideal for loading inoperable cars or machinery.

Talbert’s 5051TA also has a T-1 & 80K steel beam constructed framework and 4-inch I-beam crossmembers on 9-inch centers to accommodate more concentrated loads. Further, the I-beam construction prevents corrosion, unlike boxed crossmenbers that tend to rust from the inside out.

Other standard features include 1½-inch apitong flooring as well as side and center tie-downs. Apitong is a tightly woven, highly dense wood that provides a longer wear life because it is less susceptible to chipping or cracking than other deck materials. Side and center tie-down slots are installed for greater loading ease and application flexibility.

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