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Plastic tankers

With a strong partnership in place — and getting stronger by the day — managers at Brenner Tank LLC and Poly-Coat Systems Inc believe they are well positioned to capture a greater share of the composite tank trailer market. The partnership has been in place since 2006.

Steps taken to enhance the partnership include an agreement to turn over marketing responsibilities to Brenner's sales force. The two companies are working together closely to develop a range of new products. In addition, Poly-Coat Systems expects to finish construction on a significantly larger production facility for fiberglass reinforced plastic cargo tanks by mid 2008.

Bruce D Yakley, Brenner Tank president and chief operating officer, says the tank trailer builder has high hopes for the partnership. “Brenner has always valued innovation and has designed tanks that meet each customer's unique needs,” he says. “We've been fortunate to find a company such as Poly-Coat to partner with in developing composite tanks. It is great being associated with an industry leader of FRP tanks.”

George Felix, president of Poly-Coat Systems, adds that the combination of Poly-Coat Systems' advanced composite technology and Brenner's excellent engineering provides an opportunity to develop new models and expand applications for composite trailers over the next several years.

Under the partnership, Poly-Coat Systems manufactures FRP cargo tanks at its Houston, Texas, plant. The new facility is in Liverpool, south of Houston. Poly-Coat completes more than one tank a week now, but production volumes are expected to increase in the new plant.

Finished tanks are transported by flatbed to the Brenner Tank Services LLC shop in Houston. Brenner shop workers assemble the trailer frame and mount the FRP tank on the frame. The shop turns out approximately six trailers a month.

“We could build as many as 20 trailers a month once the new Poly-Coat plant comes on line,” says Bill Stone, president of Brenner Tank Services. “These trailers typically are used to transport corrosives, and we believe we are on the leading edge with the tank of the future. Many of our customers are switching to FRP tanks from carbon steel MC312 and DOT412 carbon steel tanks. We plan to bring out new products in the near future.”

Built under DOT412 exemption, the typical composite tanker marketed by the Brenner/Poly-Coat partnership has a 5500-gallon capacity, 53-psi test pressure, and 35-psi working pressure. Tank hardware includes a Poly-Coat manway and domelid and Girard pressure-relief vent.

The tank is mounted on a stainless steel frame. Running gear includes Brenner's proprietary Hendrickson Intraax air suspension with MeritorWABCO antilock braking.

The following photographs depict the trailer assembly process:

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