Maxon offers GPC cantilever-style liftgate

Maxon Lift Corp is introducing the GPC 22/33/44, a European-designed, but North American-manufactured cantilever-style liftgate. The GPC provides the precision, stability, and control of a European cantilever gate, thanks to four separate cylinders for lift and tilt operations.

Maxon had sourced this US niche product from a German supplier but is now bringing its own GPC product to the market. Consequently, customers will no longer need to be concerned with overseas delivery timing for spare part supplies, additional overseas sourcing costs, or product spec constraints.

The GPC comes in a variety of platform sizes (both steel and aluminum), and can accommodate a range of bed height requirements. It features stainless steel pins, low-maintenance bushings and grease fittings on all pivot points, a heavy-duty motor with thermal protection, lock valves on all cylinders, optional dual cart stops, and bolt-on installation plates for a quick and simple installation.

This gate uses standard Maxon parts. More information can be obtained at 800-227-4116 or
Circle #209 on Reader Service Card

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