Link UltraRide provided for Dodge Rams

Raydan Manufacturing Inc announces that the Link UltraRide chassis air suspension is now available for the Dodge Ram, models 4500/5500; and Sterling Bullet trucks.

As the Canadian distributor for the UltraRide, Raydan completed its first installation on a Class 5 medium-duty truck. The 2008 Dodge 4500 arrived at Raydan's Modification Shop in Nisku, Alberta, in March 2009. The leaf spring suspension was removed and replaced with the Link UltraRide.

“Since the UltraRide kit uses the existing frame holes, installation is quick and customers appreciate that,” said Ray English, president and chief executive officer of Raydan.

Malcolm Goff, general manager of Shell-Ryn Machining in Brooks, Alberta, was seeking a suspension for his new Dodge truck that would be more forgiving than the traditional leaf spring suspension. After researching various products, he found the UltraRide.

The UltraRide is designed for Class 4, 5, and 6 single-axle vehicles. It can be installed on trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, or emergency service vehicles.

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