Kogel Takes Trailers on Tour

Kögel Trailers is supporting the "Consistently Efficient" Tour 2011 of MAN Truck & Bus. Over a period of five weeks, three Kögel trailers and three MAN TGX Trucks will form innovative articulated vehicles. The trailers will have transparent tarpaulins and aerodynamic cladding on the tour, covering over 6,000 miles throughout Europe.

The Kögel Light, with its low tare weight, starting at 5.2 tons, is one of the lightest trailers in Europe. This means that, in its diverse equipment levels, it offers maximum payload.
The Kögel Euro Trailer is extended by 1.3 meters with regard to conventional trailers. It offers up to 11% more transport capacity while having the same fuel consumption as a conventional semi-trailers. Result: Reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions by around 10% in each case.
Forwarding companies, who are using some of the 600 trailers that have been sold, characterize it as a competitive advantage that has a very short pay-back period of about six months.

In addition, the aerodynamic cladding of the trailer effects a reduction in wind resistance and therefore in lower fuel consumption. Depending on the scope of the measures, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption can be reduced up to 10%.

All Kögel vehicles are cathodic dip-paint-coated and are surface-treated with Nano Ceramic Technology. This high-quality corrosion protection ensures a long service life. It is more environmentally friendly and offers a better energy balance than conventional surface coatings.

Kögel will be reporting from the tour every day via weblog at www.koegel.com.
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