Interlift Inc adds seven liftgate products

Interlift Inc, dba MBB Palfinger, has introduced seven new liftgate products developed for the North American market:

  • ILT 35-40 E-coated level-ride large platform folding lift

  • ILT-WR 35-40 E-coated level-ride large aluminum platform folding lift for walk ramp combos

  • ILSL 35-40 side-mounted trailer lift with integrated power pack

  • ILFP 30-40 E-coated large, flat platform under slider for straight trucks and trailers

  • ILD+ 35-66 E-coated heavy-duty column lift with smart power consumption savings control system

  • ILM+ 16-25 E-coated medium-duty rail lift in steel and aluminum manual and power close versions

  • ILU 40-50 E-coated fleet version of the ILUK series liftgate

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