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Receiving TTMA Plant Safety Awards are David Hill Wabash National Corporation Bob Wahlin Stoughton Trailers LLC Mark Weber Wabash National Corporation Dale Jones TTMA chairman Timpte Inc Charles Dutil Manac Trailers Jacob Radish Heil Trailer International Dean Engelage Great Dane Trailers and Tom Anderson LBT Inc

Receiving TTMA Plant Safety Awards are David Hill, Wabash National Corporation; Bob Wahlin, Stoughton Trailers LLC; Mark Weber, Wabash National Corporation; Dale Jones (TTMA chairman), Timpte, Inc, Charles Dutil, Manac Trailers; Jacob Radish, Heil Trailer International; Dean Engelage, Great Dane Trailers; and Tom Anderson, LBT Inc.

The industry’s safest trailer plants

Eight trailer plants were recognized for their outstanding safety records during the TTMA convention.

The association gives awards based on the number of man-hours worked during the year. The larger the number of employees, the greater the exposure to injuries. To make comparisons more equitable, the association segments the industry into three categories: Category A for plants with more the 750,00 man-hours worked per year, Category B for plants with 350,000 man-hours, and Category C for plants with less than 350,000 man-hours for the year.

Category A winners for 2016 were: Great Dane Trailers’ plant in Brazil, Indiana. Heil Trailer won the Category A award for tank trailer manufacturers for its facility in Athens, Tennessee.

Category B: Great Dane also won a Category B award for its plant in Danville, Pennsylvania. Wabash National’s facility in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, took top honors among tank trailer manufacturers in Category B.

Category C: Manac Trailers earned the top safety award with its plant in Oran, Missouri. Among Category C tank trailer plants, the Wabash National facility in San José Iturbide, Guanajuato, Mexico, was judged the safest.

In announcing the winners, TTMA Chairman Dale Jones pointed out that the industry had 24 plants that worked a total of 4,361,782 man-hours without lost-time injuries. ♦



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