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Great Dane Honors Northwest Truck & Trailer, Fargo Trailer Center

Fargo Trailer Center and Northwest Truck & Trailer received the Gold Award for sales at the Great Dane Conference in Orlando, Florida. The award is based on sales volume, and there are levels to this award from bronze, silver and gold.

This is the first year Northwest Truck & Trailer and Fargo Trailer Center were eligible to receive an award. There were only sox Gold Awards presented for trailer dealers across the United States.

Mike Lausch, General Manager of the stores in Fargo said, “This award is a great honor for everyone. It takes all the departments and companies working together to make this happen.”

Northwest Truck & Trailer and Fargo Trailer Center provide parts delivery service through routes in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota and specialize in parts and service of all types of semi trailers. Fargo Trailer Center has been selling trailers since 1978 for the Great Dane. Both are franchised dealers for several additional trailer lines and have full line of Parts and Service Departments.

Fargo Trailer Center is located on Main Ave in West Fargo, and Northwest Truck & Trailer is just off of I-29 and 12th Ave North in Fargo. Additional information on both companies can be found at

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