Ervin Equipment Opens Mexico City Division

Ervin Equipment, Inc. has opened a Mexico City division, Ervin Mexicana, that is headquartered in Mexico City and has offices in Cuautitlán and Tlalnepantla de Baz.

With the growth of the transportation industry in Mexico over the past two years, Ervin has taken the opportunity to better serve its customers and reach new service areas. And with new channels to sell into, there is the potential for Ervin to offer better pricing for both buyers and sellers of new and used equipment.

Carriers and trailer owners in Mexico tend to run their trailers beyond the standard life of those on the road in the U.S. market. While the value of a trailer in the United States commonly plummets after 10 years of use, the value of a trailer in Mexico extends well beyond 10 years, commonly into the teens. Because of that, Ervin is able to sell quality, older equipment into that market. U.S. sellers, meanwhile, benefit from another outlet where their used equipment can demand a higher price.

Mexico also has less stringent specifications and limitations on trailer and cargo weight. Size and weight regulations in Mexico permit carriers to haul two 40-foot dry vans rather than a single 53-foot dry van, which is the most common in the States. Therefore, many trailers built in Mexico are heavier and shorter. With its new locations, Ervin Equipment can more readily buy and sell fleets with these kinds of specifications. Further, Ervin is an authorized Wabash distributer in Mexico.

Ervin plans to expand its used truck sales to Mexico, as well. Given the spread of locations, with staff and equipment staged at each office, Ervin will be able to deliver trucks to customers in those areas within 36 hours.

Ervin Mexicana consists of five staff members who cover operations, management, billing, accounting and sales.

Ervin intends to venture further south in years to come and is currently developing plans to provide localized service in Central and South America.

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