Dutch firms develop heavy and long vehicles concept

Netherlands-based D-TEC and Burgers Carrosserie have joined forces to develop a new heavy and long vehicles concept.

In this project, the separable container trailer built by D-TEC acts as the base for a distribution heavy and long vehicle designed by Burgers. A conventional tailboard and/or a cool/freeze installation can be fitted to both trailers. Burgers will be responsible for sales in the Netherlands and assembly of the body, while D-TEC will construct and assemble chassis components. D-TEC is also responsible for sales outside the Netherlands.

Burgers is now starting to build a closed articulated truck for (conditioned) transport, with a lower chassis height (upwards of 1.12 meters), a front semitrailer of 8.20 meters, and a normal two- or three-axle trailer of 13.60 meters. As a second variant, there will be a combination with two 10.5-meter-long city trailers. For both variants there is an option of fitting a cool/freeze installation as well as a conventional tailboard.

The one- or two-axle Combidolly forms the heart of the combination, which links the front to the rear semi-trailer. This is done using a long shaft that tapers at the end, which also simplifies maneuvering. The trailers can also be used individually, where the 8.20-meter-long semitrailer can be an equally practical and versatile replacement for a closed box truck.

Through use of the D-TEC Combidolly system, Burgers Carrosserie offers a range of options. The number of axles is determined by the customer, loading capacity, and the type of semitrailers (these axles may or may not be controlled). A double-deck semitrailer (which Burgers builds in numerous designs) 13.60 meter long, or a standard sliding tarpaulin trailer, can be included in the Combidolly configuration. According to Burgers, under current legislation, there is even an option of combining a 10.50-meter trailer with a trailer of 11.30 meters.

For more information, contact Theo van Wikselaar at +31-613-696-760.

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