Durashell introduces slip-on line

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies has released Durashell, a new line of fiberglass composite utility bodies to accompany the Load'N'Go steel body line.

Durashell truck bodies are lightweight yet durable service bodies that come in six models: Durashell 140/170 (short bed/long bed), Durashell 165, Durashell 230, and Durashell 325/365 (short bed/long bed). Features include easy four-point clamping system (no holes drilled for installation), brake light, interior lighting, jack receptacles, double rear doors, optional slide-out parts drawer, side doors and compartments, front and rear windows, and ladder racks.

Richard Johnson, manager of Fleetwest, said, “This is a great choice for companies looking to become more ‘green’. The transferability of the Durashell bodies allows someone to maximize the use of their existing trucks without increasing their fleet.”

Durashell slip-on truck bodies include these features:

  • Cost-saving benefits because of universal fit for all major brand, standard pickup trucks

  • Perfect fit for both new or existing used fleet vehicles

  • Extra security — standard key locks plus padlock-able security

  • Lifting jack receptacles for easy installation and removal or optional built-in forklift tunnels

  • Models for both long bed and short bed pickup trucks

The slip-on truck body can be transferred to a leased vehicle in an emergency without completely unloading/reloading, in a matter of minutes. The Durashell line is an alternative to the panel van, especially if four-wheel drive is a necessity. Once the Durashell is upfitted for a technician's needs, it will not need to be repurchased when the pickup is replaced. Signage is also only purchased once, resulting in more time and cost savings.

More information and a price quote can be obtained by visiting www.fleetwest.net.

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