TIP Trailer Services plans to equip its fleet of 70,000 trailers with WABCO’s comprehensive suite of digital Fleet Management Solutions.

WABCO supporting TIP Trailer’s connected fleet strategy

July 29, 2019
WABCO and TIP Trailer Services are collaborating on a digitization strategy to connect TIP’s fleet.

WABCO, a supplier of technologies that help improve commercial vehicles, and equipment service provider TIP Trailer Services are collaborating on a digitization strategy to connect TIP’s fleet.

TIP, headquartered in Amsterdam, operates a fleet of 70,000 trailers that are available for full-service leasing and rental to transportation and logistics customers across 16 European countries and Canada. Customized maintenance contracts and other value-added service agreements ensure TIP’s customers who are transporting goods are kept on the move all over Europe and Canada, WABCO said.

Per their agreement, WABCO will help TIP upgrade its trailers with advanced trailer telematics and digital fleet management services designed to deliver the best solutions for TIP’s various trailer types. This includes track-and-trace capabilities, and remote trailer health and diagnostics functionalities, as well as safety features such as tire-pressure monitoring and cold-chain management that support leaner, greener and safer fleet operations, WABCO claimed.

“With our full-service contracts, we offer the highest levels of safety and efficiency of our trailers on the road,” said Bob Fast, CEO of TIP Trailer Services. “This includes service scheduling, maintenance, worn-parts replacement and uptime performance management. Connecting our fleet with WABCO’s full range of telematics, IoT and connected services gives us the opportunity to implement a fleet-wide platform that is suited to all our asset types and brands.

“It will enable new data and analytics services which will further upscale our value offering to fleets.”

Peter Bal, WABCO’s business leader for fleet solutions, said WABCO was “delighted” to help support TIP’s success through improved asset management.

“Building on this long-term collaboration and TIP’s advanced new connectivity capabilities, we are looking forward to working together to create new opportunities for growth and innovation,” Bal said. “Sharing our technology and business expertise, resources and data analytics capabilities, WABCO and TIP will jointly drive an innovation roadmap to build first-class, fleet-centric and big data driven services.”