Photo: Felling Trailers
Pan Tilt Ft 7 T 1 Felling Trailers

Felling Trailer’s modified Pan Tilt trailer design

Oct. 27, 2022
The modified trailer design is meant to increase ease of use and efficiency through changes to the locking, lighting, and license-plate mechanisms

The Felling Trailers’ drop-deck Pan Tilt model has undergone design modifications to increase operator ease of use and safety. The Pan Tilt is a gravity-tilt trailer, using gravity and a center pivot point for tilting the trailer bed. Felling’s Engineering team recently reviewed the Pan Tilt’s design looking for ways to improve operator ease of use along with production efficiencies. Modifications have been made to the Pan Tilt's locking mechanism, lighting, license-plate mount position, and location.

 The tilt locking mechanism is the most notable of the modifications improving the production process, flexibility to function with optional features, and operator ease of use. The previous locking mechanism was a purchased part that required modification and multiple latches dependent upon a trailer build's selected features, power up/down, or a toolbox, as it was mounted on the front of the trailer.

"The goal was not to have a longer hitch length if [the end-user] optioned cylinders or an extra latch for a toolbox, making the base design more modular, streamlining the manufacturing process,” said Felling Trailers’ Engineering Team Lead Cathy Voge.

The new locking mechanism is located on the front roadside of the trailer, operating as a lever that releases a lock bar located under the front deck frame. All the components for this locking system are sourced internally, improving fit and function.

Modifications completed with an emphasis on production efficiencies were lighting and the license plate mount. Lighting modifications reduced the number of weld components needed, replacing the front marker lights and mounting plate with bullet lights that mount into the hitch channel. The bullet light mounted into the hitch channel also provides better wiring protection. The license plate mount on the pan tilts is utilized across other Felling tilt deck lines. This style mount prominently displays the license plate without obstruction from the taillights or cargo being transported, promoting operator and towing safety.

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