Manac Logger 200000

Manac marks milestone with 200,000th trailer

Oct. 12, 2020
The tri-axle log trailer was sold to the Canada-based manufacturer’s longest-standing US dealer, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel

Canada-based manufacturer Manac reports the recent production and delivery of its 200,000th trailer out of its main production facility in St-Georges, QC.

“This is a huge milestone not only for our company but also for our many dedicated employees and loyal customers,” Charles Dutil, CEO and president of Manac, said.  “Manac was founded by my father Marcel here in St-Georges back in 1966. They produced the very first Manac trailer in a barn behind the family house and 54 years later we built the 200,000th trailer. It’s been a good journey so far.”

Dutil goes on to note that “appropriately” the milestone trailer was a tri-axle log trailer sold to the Canada-based company’s longest-standing US dealer, Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel, headquartered in New Jersey and operating out of 11 branches on the East Coast.

“We have been long-term partners working closely together to support the many trailer markets our companies serve,” Dutil said.

The 2021 Manac 46’ tri-axle drop log trailer features :

  • Ready to receive self-loaded
  • one liftable axle
  • five sets of bunk or four sets with self-loader
  • galvanized headboard and maximum volume stakes; and
  • main beams fully welded..

Manac’s main factory is in St-Georges, Quebec and is considered one of the most versatile in the industry, according to the company.

“We have 5 distinct production lines that provide us with the flexibility of producing various trailer models at any given time,” Dutil added. “The facility has undergone several expansions over the years to accommodate increased customer demand and additional volume from new designs and products.

“This impressive growth is the result of our employees’ commitment to providing the most reliable trailers in the marketplace with the highest level of service combined with a proactive acquisition plan.”

Over the past 20 years Manac has acquired CPS Trailers in Missouri, Trailmobile, Liddell Canada, Peerless and most recently Alutrec and Cobra trailers.