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Participating in the Green Manufacturing Award presentation are NATM President Greg Snyder Sydney and Gary Gooder AlumLine Jerry Sampson Kenda Tire Ron Yarnell PPG Marcus Hester Optronics Rick Coffey Carlisle and Adam Dexter Dexter Axle

Participating in the Green Manufacturing Award presentation are NATM President Greg Snyder; Sydney and Gary Gooder, Alum-Line; Jerry Sampson, Kenda Tire; Ron Yarnell, PPG; Marcus Hester, Optronics; Rick Coffey, Carlisle; and Adam Dexter, Dexter Axle.

Alum-Line wins Green Award

Alum-Line, a family-owned manufacturing company in Cresco, Iowa is the winner of the 2017 Green Manufacturing Award. The award was established to recognize the best innovation or novel solutions by a manufacturer in our industry to positively impact our environment.

In 2014 Alum-Line installed solar panels on two of the company’s largest manufacturing buildings. Since installation just two years ago, the facilities have generated 63.5 million watt-hours of clean energy, the equivalent to planting 1,150 trees, running a single refrigerator for 38.6 years, or powering a regular 13-watt CFL bulb for 558 years.

A solar power-producing manufacturing building with efficient floor heat and good urethane insulation was completed in 2014. All company-wide physical expansions totaling over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space have been set up to use floor heat.

Converting all lighting to efficient LED was a project that began in 2014, saving a total of 35,542 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy. The project is over 80 percent complete and all new expansions will incorporate new efficient lighting features.

When Alum-Line builds their products, steps are taken to carefully construct as to not make mistakes where a large amount of scrap would occur. They take time to cut pieces according to waste reduction measures instead of just time efficiency. When scrap pieces are created, they are kept on hand and used for future builds.

After operating for 30 years Alum-Line still maintains its own delivery department and transportation process. Trips are organized to do one large delivery load headed in one direction, dropping off products along the way, which reduces fuel and oil. “What I like best about marketing our company on the national scale is the fact that we are also a grassroots family-operated company focusing on our regional issues, and what we can do to always be involved in local communities and improve sustainability efforts,” says Sydney Hayes, marketing director.

Alum-Line has selected the Howard County Agricultural and Historical Society as the charity recipient for the Green Award. This year PPG, Optronics International, LaVanture Products Company, The Carlstar Group, Dexter Axle and the Kenda have sponsored this award bringing the total to $9,250. ♦


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