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Accuride Holds Global Supplier Summit

Accuride Corporation (NYSE: ACW) recently held its annual Global Supplier Summit in Newburgh, Ind., as part its renewed efforts to build a world-class, collaborative supply chain and increase performance expectations of its supplier partners in order to deliver more consistent, dependable performance for customers.

The Global Supplier Summit was attended by the largest suppliers to Accuride and its subsidiaries representing the areas of raw materials, logistics, MRO and indirect. The suppliers received an update on the company’s strategy and key initiatives to “fix and grow” its business operations in order to understand their role in supporting the strategy’s timely execution. In addition, the Summit participants received updates on Accuride’s strategic plans for procurement, logistics and distribution, inventory control and planning, and supplier quality and development.

“As a critical element of our commitment to deliver more dependable performance for customers, Accuride is building a more robust and efficient supply chain capable of achieving consistent and predictable levels of excellence,” said Mary Blair, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management for Accuride. “This Summit meeting was an important step in renewing and strengthening collaboration with our largest supplier partners by setting clear targets for their performance and development, while engaging them more deeply in the key initiatives underway to ‘Fix and Grow’ Accuride in 2012 and beyond.”

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