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ERICH JAEGER highlighting trailer vision system, connectors

ERICH JAEGER, through its US subsidiary, ERICH JAEGER USA, recently introduced to the North American heavy-duty market its JAEGER Expert line of “superior performing products” for mission-critical tractor-trailer connections.

Now the global provider of high-performance truck/trailer sockets and cables is highlighting its trailer tow high-speed connector designs and bird’s-eye view truck/trailer vision system concept.

The company planned to show the products in September in Detroit MI.

ERICH JAEGER says its ethernet connectors deliver the high-speed connections necessary for advanced vision systems, sensors and more, enabling the development of “next-generation trailer tow technology.” Designed for trailer towing applications that increasingly require placement of cameras and sensors on the trailers for safety and trailer/load monitoring, ERICH JAEGER developed several high-speed connector and cable designs for automotive, heavy-duty and agricultural applications that incorporate automotive ethernet data links for speeds up to 1 Gbps.

The company says it developed its bird's-eye view truck/trailer vision system in collaboration with a major truck OEM. By leveraging the OEM’s driver insight and expertise, ERICH JAEGER designed a solution it says will improve truck driver safety and vision around the truck’s trailer, helping reduce the potential for collisions and increasing all-around visibility.

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