Carrier Transicold X4 trailer refrigeration units deliver top performance, compliance


Carrier Transicold has introduced its ultra-high-efficiency X4 Series for North America, delivering the highest refrigeration capacities offered in a trailer refrigeration platform, as well as compliance with Tier 4 emissions requirements from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The X4 Series includes the new 7500 and 7300 single-temperature belt-driven models, which both require less power than Carrier Transicold’s prior platform as well as other equipment designed for 2013 Tier 4 compliance. Respectively, the new units provide 68,000 and 66,000 Btus of cooling at a setpoint of 35° F (100° F ambient).

Tom Ondo, general manager, Truck/Trailer Americas, Carrier Transicold, said, “The new units are so efficient that they achieve 35% to 50% more Btus of cooling per gallon of fuel, at AHRI rating conditions, than our current designs.”

Carrier’s  ecoFORWARD technologies refine the design of unit components and equip the 2.2-liter engine with sensors and an electronic control module that communicates with Carrier’s APX control system for optimized performance.

System improvements include high-efficiency components, such as optimized V-Force fans and Novation micro-channel condenser coils. An electronic expansion valve is now standard, replacing mechanical expansion valves.

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