SnowEx V-Maxx 9500 holds 4 cubic yards

SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, introduces the new V-Maxx 9500 — its largest V-box-style spreader to date. Featuring a 4-cubic-yard-capacity hopper, the entirely electric-powered V-Maxx 9500 is ideal for municipalities and winter maintenance contractors handling larger applications.

Designed for use with larger commercial-duty pickups, flatbed trucks, and dump bed trucks, the V-Maxx 9500 features an all polyethylene-constructed material hopper that boasts the patented SnowEx Material Feed System — consisting of a multi-angle hopper design, heavy-duty auger drive, inverted-“V” baffle configuration, and an attached vibrator.

The system's multi-angle hopper helps provide a continuous flow of material to the auger drive. When compared with conveyor-driven spreader alternatives, augers deliver material to the spinner more accurately and efficiently. The vibrator shakes the inverted-“V” baffle, which helps reduce material clumping and ensures that the entire load does not rest on the auger. The result of this combination of components is a continuous material flow whether spreading 100-percent sand, 100-percent salt, or any combination in between.

The ¾-horsepower, heavy-duty 12-volt electric drive system produces high torque at the auger transmission output shaft with low amperage draw. The spreader can empty a full hopper — up to 8,500 pounds of material — in just 20 minutes. To ensure durability and ease of maintenance, the electric drive system is completely sealed within a weather-resistant enclosure and includes two grease Zirk fittings.

Furthermore, the poly hopper construction eliminates the corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel-built alternatives. Though the hopper features heavy-duty, thick-walled construction, it is still up to 40 percent lighter than similar-capacity steel spreaders.

All SnowEx spreaders include a two-year parts and labor warranty. Call 800-725-8377 or 586-756-6555 for more details.

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