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Miller Electric 90 years Miller

Miller Electric celebrating 90 years of work truck solutions

Miller Electric, based in Appleton WI, is celebrating 90 years as a worldwide manufacturer.

Beginning with an innovation that responded to customer needs in the marketplace, Miller has grown from a one-man operation in 1929 to the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products, including welder/generators and all-in-one engine-driven power solutions for work trucks.

“Miller helps our customers build things that matter,” said Brian Dieck, director of sales and marketing in Miller’s power systems division. “We lead in building advanced, solution-focused products and meeting crucial customer needs.”

Miller says its products have provided reliability, performance and quality since 1929. Their work includes customer-driven solutions for work truck fleets designed to help improve productivity, reduce operating expenses and lower the risk of downtime.

With a focus on the end user, Miller’s work tuck solutions have evolved from basic welder/generators to versatile all-in-one, engine-driven power solutions featuring technologies that help fleet managers and truck operators address the most pressing challenges.

“Miller solutions for work trucks help reduce truck run time, fuel use and maintenance costs, while delivering the capabilities technicians need to be ready for anything on the jobsite,” said Matt Sherrick, Miller’s product manager in the power systems division. “We are constantly collaborating with work truck owners and operators in order to develop solutions to address their challenges and needs so they can optimize performance.”   

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